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Quality ability

YOSO CONNECTOR ELECTRONICS Prompt has stick policy on the producing process. The raw materials will be checked before production.The goods will be checked in three time.
1. After produced, the goods will be check whether they have match the standard level. From outward appearance to function.
2.Before shipping, the first step will be checked randomly, if the function all works well, then move to next step. Check the appearance.
3. Package: the goods will be packed by our Professional Packers
, then send to the pre shipping  area. 

Advanced production equipment and tester equipment are the basis of the good product quality, YOSO have advanced tester machine, All connectors will be tested in compliance with the standards and requirements.

     2.5D Projector                       Pull&Drawing Force Tester      CCD Coplanarity tester

  Conduction tester                  dielectric strength tester               Drawing force testing

Flat cableTensile Testing        HD Coplanarity CCD Tester   Insulation Resistance Tester

     Life cycle tester                              Microscope Plastic                   Moisture test

   Reflow soldering test                           ROHS test                              Salt spray tester

      Tortion Tester                    Wire Swing Testing Machine  X-R plating thickness tester